Self-care – the good, the bad and the drunk 😵 

Self-care is something relatively new to me. I have always known that I have needed time to myself to recharge, but I didn’t know that other people did too. There are lots of different ways to look after yourself; yoga, baths, walks, reading, it’s endless! I label self-care now as taking time to do things that previously I’d feel guilty or selfish for doing. Time spent on yourself.

Self-care is very important for everyone, but these are the reasons it’s important for me and the different ways I incorporate it into my week.

Looking after myself at work

Throughout the week I need time alone to think about things. I need time to process information and get my head around situations I’ve recently been in and this helps me to move forward and be more productive. I’ve always been like this, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past when I’ve made snap decisions and I’ve learnt that, simply, my brain can’t handle too much information at once. If I’m in a situation where I’m taking a lot in but I have no time to sit and think my brain hurts, and I get a bad headache. 

Last week I had my first day at my new job and as always it was stressful and a huuuuge information overload! However, because I know myself better now, I made lots of notes throughout the day and took lunch alone in a quiet spot so I could put everything out of my mind temporarily and carry on stress free in the afternoon. My colleagues 100% get it and have been amazingly supportive and nobody minds if I don’t join them for lunch some days, where previously I’ve followed the crowd and felt strange for wanting time alone.


Walking is my ultimate release. That sounds a bit odd, but it’s true. I’m gently exercising, I can listen to whatever music/podcasts I’m into at the time and I can take pictures of, and take in, nice places. Oh, and don’t judge, but I love a bit of Pokémon Go as well! I genuinely think it has done a lot of good for so many people, but I can write another post about that in the future(!) Whether I’m strolling with my fiancé, family, a friend or out for a solo plod around I’m happy. Parks, the beach, fields, towns, is there a floor I can walk on? Let’s go!

“Want to meet up for a drink/food soon?” “Ooh, ummm maybe.. if I’m free I’ll let you know!” 

“Want to go for a walk and a chat soon?” “YES”

I love walking.


Now, this is a tricky one and is pretty much common sense but I’m going to say it. Alcohol is often paired with relaxation- nights out with friends, evening glass of wine to help wind down etc. Previously, when I’ve wanted a night to let off steam at a social occasion it’s been paired with getting hammered. For me, it’s no longer worth it – I drink a bit but I am always prepared to be the designated driver and here’s why:

When  I’m having a healing, relaxing evening bath I think it’s only improved with a lovely glass of gin. This is perfect for me, I love it. Watching Netflix with my fiancé: let’s have a gin too! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t pair every activity with a gin, but when I’m chilling out at home a nice drink is a comfort.

However, I am very aware that alcohol is a depressant. It affects me quite strongly. If I have one glass like above I’m fine but too much can ruin my whole week. I feel happy and great at the time, dancing with my friends, talking more openly, and having a happy time out, but the next few days my mood drops drastically. Im not just talking about one rough morning. I would happily take a morning hangover and then feel fine but unfortunately drunkenness is paired with days of deep self loathing. For me, it’s not worth it. My friends and partner can drink as much as they want, we rarely all get drunk now we all work full time but it’s individual preference – and I don’t want to always do it. People have complained -“Don’t be boring!” “Just have a couple, it work hurt!” THEY DONT GET IT. 

If you have a friend that isn’t keen on drinking, please never pressure them to.

When I’m taking moments to chill, one nice drink is perfect and that’s it.
Whatever you’re up to this week, take time out to be selfish and do a bit of whatever the hell you want! 

Thanks for reading.

-!C x


One thought on “Self-care – the good, the bad and the drunk 😵 

  1. I love the self-care list! I’m just starting my self-care, too and its fun to thnk of new ways to do it! Also, wow, the depression following a boozy night is something I didn’t realize other people felt, too! <>

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