Why being nice to yourself is so bloody hard, and my treat yo’self dillema 

Hey lovelies! 👋🏼

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping up that positive attitude the best you can!

Today I’m thinking about how hard is is to be nice to yourself. Throughout our lives we’re continuously told not to be too confident and that it’s unattractive to love yourself. If anyone compliments you it’s the norm to brush it off because, GOD FORBID, if you accept the compliment you obviously love yourself too much! I guess this came from the idea that people who don’t know their worth and are quiet about it are more “attractive” and probably more likely to do as they’re told or something ridiculous like that. We’re always told to put others before ourselves, which is all we’ll and good but we need to look after ourselves too! Appreciate others, but never forget to appreciate yourself too.

I am still learning to do this.

I find buying treats for myself super hard. It should be something enjoyable and uplifting but I really struggle with it. I tell nyself I don’t deserve the clothes and they would probably look better on someone else anyway. I was inspired by someone who spoke about this on Instagram this morning but I can’t find who said it, ughhh! I’ll credit them when I come across it again. However, seeing the comments people left about how they feel the same way has made me feel like I need to work harder on appreciating myself – I treat my other half to presents all the time and he does the same for me, but we deserve to buy treats for ourselves too! He’s not got a clue about the expensive foundation I’ve been eyeing up, so when it’s payday I think I might just go for it. I work hard, I have two jobs and I rarely treat myself… so next time, I’m going to buy the damn stuff I want! 

Do any of you struggle to buy things for yourself? Do you feel like you realllly have to justify the purchase first? I’m interested in what you all think about this! 


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